Animal Keepers Act in effect                           Waivers required
Private & group riding lessons are at least 45
minutes of riding plus 'theory' to teach you about
the proper care and handling of your horse.  At
this time Ken is only able to work with people
who own their own horse.

A lead line riding lesson is for the younger ones
who would like to get an early start on riding.  
Half an hour on the lunge line for better
supervision and safety.

Beginner to Intermediate levels of riding.  
English and Western.
Groundwork, troubleshooting and training are based on the Natural
horsemanship principles which have been used by many horsemen such as
Dorrance brothers, Ray Hunt and Buck Brannaman.

Horsemanship clinics can be arranged -
Click here for more info
located south of Sherwood Park Alberta
which is near Edmonton Alberta
Ken has a keen eye and a patient hand with horses.  He teaches a horse respect for
the human by helping the horse understand that the human is Number 1 in his herd.  
Horses naturally look for a leader and have no problem learning and living by this
principle.  It works and it results in a happier and safer horse.
Yes we do teach safety, but occasionally our young
people don't think like we do.  It is nice to know all
the training we put into a horse makes occasional
misjudgements a little more likely to have a
pleasant outcome.

This is
RDK Witezon Playa wearing a grass skirt
for Hallowe'en.  While we had visions of rodeo,
Playa had no problems with it at all.
Driving without reins
Are you out of commission for a bit and
would like someone to keep your horse
going for you?

Need someone to put some time on your
horse for exercise or tune-up?

We can arrange a "per ride" schedule to suit
your needs.

Our location only - outdoor board available
or you haul.