LEAD ROPE - 12 ft of 9/16 double
braid Dacron/poly blend yacht rope
with loop and leather popper. No
hardware to break. Throw it in the
washing machine to clean.
This rope was specially selected for its
weight and feel for better
communication with your equine
MECARTE REINS - 22 ft of 9/16 double
braid Dacron/poly blend yacht rope with
leather popper.  For use with a bosal or snaffle
bit.  The weight and feel of this rope allow
communication with your horse with just the
slightest movement from you.  Great on the
trails with the build in lead and can be used to
safely tie your horse without having to bring
along your halter.

If made with a loop, snap or ring, this rope also
makes a good long line.
ROPE HALTER - 5/16 double braid Dacron/poly blend yacht rope.  
Hand tied with fiador knot. These long lasting easy care halters are more
effective for ground work exercises than regular halters.  Can be custom
sized to your horse.  This picture shows how to correctly tie a rope halter.  
Red or black.
SLOBBER STRAPS - to attach your
mecarte reins to a snaffle bit.  Basic or
custom hand tooled leather with a variety of
BELT - custom hand tooled leather belt.  
Makes a great gift. Call or e-mail for
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